My name is NATALIA and I'm 25 years old. I characterized for being an ESCORT in CASTELLDEFELS a little promiscuous, I love being in the company of a man that's why I like what I do.. I have always been interested in the male company and have been very inclined to learn how to please a man. I'm very smart, so I learn very quickly. I'm sure I'll fascinate you. I love the art of seduction, it's a very exciting and thrilling world. You'll see that, just with one look I'm going to drive you crazy. Never has a man felt dissatisfied in my arms, I assure you. They always want to repeat, they want to feel again the amazing things that they experienced by my side. My body is of infarction, I am very attractive and, as you see, I have a very molded figure. I assure you that you will melt when you have in your hands my breasts firm and beautiful and my sculptural ass, also well PRIETO. You can walk the softness of my legs and get as far as you want. I really like to look good, I try to go always impeccable. I love fashion and, above all, dress to see me BELLA. I arrange myself in such a way that I never step unnoticed, with great elegance but very SENSUAL and feminine. Thanks to my spectacular body I can wear very tight dresses that enhance all my femininity. And when you take my clothes off, you'll see the surprises I keep underneath for you. Tell you a secret? I like fashion but it fascinates me even more, intimate fashion. In my closet I have more lingerie than clothes to wear. Sure when you see me you will enter a terrible desire to take it off but I will not let you do so soon because, first, I'll look ahead of you. I'll make you a private fashion show so you can appreciate my charms and thus increase the sweet hope of pleasure. I'm going to make you very nervous, in a good way, so nervous you'll end up ABALANZÁNDOTE on me. In bed I have a lot of energy, I'm inexhaustible, I will do things that you can not imagine and feel an infinite pleasure that you will never want to end. I assure you, you will not regret having me in your arms.


Rates 30 minutes 1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 6 Hours 12 Hours 24 Hours
Outcall 130 EUR 260 EUR 390 EUR 550 EUR 1200 EUR

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